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We've worked with hundreds of professional authors to design an author site that does everything you need. Watch the video clip to see it in action.

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Get started with one of our custom author templates. Our drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to customize. We'll set it up, you make it you.

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Hook up your email marketing provider to easily add subscribers, deliver your Reader Magnets, and show off your book catalogue. You can even sell direct from your own site.

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Use our effortless drag-and-drop editor to customize to your heart's content, or stick with the preconfigured pages.

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Our templates are streamlined to make your author website a breeze for you and your readers.

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Upload your Reader Magnet right into your site and use our built-in landing pages to collect subscribers and grow your audience.

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Give your readers a seamless experience. You can promote your book catalogue, take payments, sell direct, and set up your Reader Magnets all inside your own website.

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Our book page templates make it easy to show off your work. Simply upload your cover and description and our templates do the rest.

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Our drag-and-drop site builder is super easy to use - but if you ever get stuck, we're here to help.

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