Intro to Nrdly

Hola LED signage

Welcome to Nrdly! In this intro video, we’ll give you a guided tour of how everything works behind the scenes – and then we’ll dig into the detail in subsequent videos.

Ready to start customizing? Hop on over to our guide to the Customize Menu when you want to start tweaking your site (it’s a great place to start).

When you work with one of our custom templates, we’ll make sure you have all the pages, features, and functions you need for your business. So all that’s left to do is put your own unique spin on things – tweak the colors, switch out the images, add your own content, play with the fonts… customize to your heart’s content.

Check out the video above for an introduction to how things work, then if you need any help with the specifics we’ve put together some more videos going through each aspect of your site in more detail (if you need them).

And if you need any help at any point, just email us at

Welcome to the Nrdly family!