Nrdly for online stores

Sell anything. Manage it all inside your own site. Do it with style.

We'll set you up with a fully functional e-commerce solution right out of the box. Sell physical or digital products, subscription plans, and more. Watch the video for a rundown of what's waiting for you:

Quick setup

Choose your favorite template. We'll set it up, handle all the hosting. You just use our handy drag-and-drop editor to customize to your heart's content.

Built-in tools

Upload your product details right into your site, manage your SKUs, inventory, and fulfillment. Run promos and discounts, give out coupons, offer points and rewards.

Manage customers

Hook your site up to your favorite email tool and easily manage your customer and prospect list. Track your orders, sales, and more - all without leaving your site.

Our templates are streamlined to make your online store a breeze for you and your customers.

Add multiple products

Sell physical or digital products, offer subscription plans, manage your stock and fulfillment, all inside your own site.

Everything in one place

No more switching between a dozen different apps - handle your entire business from one location and take the stress out of your tech.

Easy upgrades (when you need them).

E-Commerce functions come as standard. Need to add more? We can help you set up loyalty schemes, affiliate programs, recurring subscriptions, and more.

Scale as needed

Get yourself a website that grows alongside your business - not one that holds it back. With Nrdly, we're along for the ride, right beside you.

We've worked with thousands of online entrepreneurs over the last 5+ years - here's what some had to say about our previous services:

“This site has completely supercharged my online presence. Customizing the pre-made templates was as easy as uploading my own graphics, tweaking the color palette, and then sitting back being delighted with the outcome.”

“We had another website provider but felt very limited in what we could do and it was a bit overwhelming trying to sort it out. But you helped us get a site up and running before an event. Had the site up in 1 day!”

“It's great. Saved a lot of time and artistic resources that I don't have. The biggest value for me are the absolutely stunning landing pages and the overall design of the theme.”

“I couldn't love it more. Truly. I recommend it constantly to students and colleagues alike. The support is off-the-hook amazing... does anyone say "off-the-hook" anymore?! I have 3 courses running on it right now. So grateful to you for creating it!”

“If you hate building your email list and love having your website thinly strapped together by dozens of plugins, don’t use this. BUT if you’re sane and actually want to make money with your website, this is the best investment you’ll make, hands down.”

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