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Everything you need to grow.
We set it up. You make it you.

Nrdly was built specifically for course creators, authors, e-commerce stores & content creators.

No more generic websites. With Nrdly you get a site designed by business experts to give you exactly what you need.

Skip the setup

When you start your free trial, our team will set everything up so can dive right in and customize your content.

Create the look you want

Our custom drag-and-drop site builder is based on WordPress, so you’ll have access to the best website platform editor on the market and thousands of plugins to extend your site however you like.

Exactly what you need

We’ve built templates designed from the ground up to suit your business. So, whether you’re a course creator, an author, e-commerce store owner, or content creator – we’ve got you covered.

Free site review

When you’re all set, our team will do a hands on review of your site before we help you make it live to the world.

How it works

  1. Grab yourself a free trial
  2. Choose a template that fits your business
  3. We’ll set you up
  4. Customize your content
  5. We’ll review your site before you go live

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