Create a New ConvertKit Form

If you already have a ConvertKit form you want to use, then skip to getting Create a New Opt-In In WordPress.

  • To create a new form, login to ConvertKit
  • Click the Forms navigation link
  • Click New Form
  • Choose Form
  • Choose any style (the style doesn’t matter since you’ll be using the custom styles within our theme) – so, you can choose “Modal” and then choose the “Clean” template
  • Find the form name (to the left of the screen and will have a little pencil icon next to it).  Click the form title to edit the name to something more relevant (Example: “My Main Opt-In List”)
  • Click Save
  • Find the widget icon to the right and under the Save button (not the widget icon to the left of the Save button, make sure it’s below the Save button near a email icon)
  • Click the widget icon under the Save button and it should slide out a handful of options for your form
  • In the “When a visitor subscribes to a form…” option, check “Redirect to another page” and add a custom URL to a page on your site.  If you haven’t done so already, go to the back-end of your WordPress site, click Pages > Add New and add a page called “Thanks for subscribing” and save.  Then, copy the permalink for that page and paste it in your ConvertKit “Redirect to another page” field.
  • Save your form
Add GDPR Support (Optional)

If you want to add a checkbox to allow the user to confirm GDPR compliance, then follow these steps…

  • In ConvertKit, go to Forms, click the form that you just created in the above step
  • You will likely see a name and email field in the main section of the page.  Click the plus icon to add a new field (should be just below the name and email field).
  • To the right, you should see a handful of options.  Click the dropdown under “Custom Field” and choose “GDPR Compliance” and uncheck the “required” option and click Save
  • In ConvertKit, go to Forms tab
  • Click the form title for the form you want to connect for for this particular opt-in
  • Click Embed
  • Click HTML

Copy the HTML code and paste this HTML code into a plain text document on your computer (you can just paste it into something like Word, Apple Pages, a Google doc, etc.)