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Your Six-Figure
Launch Blueprint

In this eight-part course, learn the start-to-finish strategy to launch anything online. We’ll break it down for you, even if you’re a total beginner. Get your six-figure launch strategy for free when you join Nrdly Learning.

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Are your launches stuck in a rut?

Chances are, you’ve got a great product or service. You’ve researched your audience and you know what they need. But when you actually launch to your audience… it’s crickets. Something isn’t working. Something isn’t sitting right. And you can’t put your finger on it.

Fortunately, there’s a blueprint we can walk through to pin-point the problem and make sure you’re maximizing your results, without stressing out about “what to do next”.

(No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks – we want to work on what will actually move the needle).

Meet Nick.

Nick Stephenson is the co-founder of Nrdly and a USA Today Bestselling author. Having started and launched multiple six-figure and seven-figure businesses, Nick knows exactly what goes into a successful launch campaign.

In this Mastery Workshop, Nick will share the exact process he uses to launch courses, books, software, and services via email. He’ll break it down for you, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Get ahead with Nrdly Learning

Nrdly is an online website platform for professional entrepreneurs. We’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of online businesses like yours – so we know what an amazing website can do to grow your results (when you get it right).

But we don’t just build websites. We’re also passionate about helping you learn the best strategies to make the most out of your business, and help you grow your results on your own terms. That’s why we’ve set up Nrdly Learning to help you get you where you want to be.

Waiting for you inside

During the free workshop, Nick will teach you:

  • The perfect pre-launch – how to build trust and excitement before the sale and lay the groundwork for your best launch ever (so many people skip this).
  • Your epic launch week – how to overcome the specific “barriers to sale” that prevent people from buying, and a step-by-step launch plan to drive record sales, without the stress
  • Technology and costs – how much should you be spending on tools? Nick will break down how much he spent when he first got started vs running a seven-figure business (plus which tools work best)
  • Scaling up with Facebook Ads – with your launch done, now you know how well your offer converts – and how much you can spend on ads to bring in a good ROI. In this lesson we’ll look at how to leverage Facebook Ads to keep your momentum and growth going.
  • Scaling up with JV Launches – running an affiliate launch is the most profitable way to grow – you don’t pay unless you sell! In this lesson we’ll look at how to build an epic affiliate team and drive more results with JV launches (that you can use again and again).
  • And more – Nick will share detailed case studies, launch breakdowns, Q&A sessions, and real-life examples of how all this works in practice – and how you can get results for your business.

“I implemented everything I learned and had a $3,000 launch. I soon scaled up to an $84,000 launch. Since then I’ve practiced the same system every time and now have six figure launches and just closed on a $614,000 launch!”

Renae Christine
Cupcake Trainings | Rich Mom University

Get started now

If you want to grow your business, you need to know how to launch. And once you’ve nailed the process, you can use it again and again to drive more results from your product or service portfolio (without stressing about “what to do next”.)

So, when you join Nrdly Learning, we’ll send you this Six-Figure Launch Blueprint workshop for free. Just click the button below and enter your name and email, then we’ll send you a link to claim your free workshop.

And if you’d like to boost your marketing results even further with a done-for-you website that’s been designed from the ground up to convert traffic into leads and customers, we’ll also let you know about our site templates and how we can help you grow your business with an awesome website.

All Nrdly plans come with a 30 day trial, and we’ll even host it for you and give you a custom sub-domain, completely free of charge. No tech skills required, we’ll handle all the complicated stuff.

But more on that later. In the meantime, access your free workshop by clicking the button below and entering your details: